General Shipping Information

You have several options when shipping chile.  When it comes to perishables we recommend shipping the most expedited service possible. That being said, here are our options:

5Lbs Fresh- All 5 pound orders of our fresh chile are shipped for free via USPS.

Any other chile order regardless of type (fresh or roasted/frozen) or quantity will be sent out via Fed Ex. We can ship anywhere in the country overnight, by two day air, or three day air.

If you are shipping chile to NM, TX, CO, AZ, Southern CA, and parts of OK/UT/WY/NE we offer 2 day ground shipping as an option as well.

To minimize the chance of spoilage to your chile we highly recommend a shipping option that will get your chile to you as soon as possible!!


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    Jeannette Dandurand

    Hi. Just trying to see if this is going to be something worth the price. Do you order to Fairbanks, Alaska?

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    Of course we do!

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