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Our Chile:

We offer our fresh and roasted/frozen green chile in multiple varieties. Some say the hotter the better, others just want to enjoy the flavor without having to drink a gallon of milk after a meal. Here is a list of our chile names as well as their heat to help you learn the lingo.


NM 6-4;


Joe Parker (Fresh or Roasted/Frozen)


Big Jim (Fresh or Roasted/Frozen) (*best seller)


Sandia (Fresh or Roasted/Frozen)


Lumbre (Fresh Only)


While Chile is our specialty, we do offer a range of salsas, sauces, powders, and other non-perishables as well.

If you are looking for red chile then look no further. We do offer fresh red chile in the Big Jim variety. However red chile does not start until later in the chile season.  


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    I think that it would be a good idea for you to develop a book of good and well tested chili recipes for sale (or gifting) your customers.  There are many recipes, for instance, for chili stews depending upon the restaurant or chef. The Route 66 Diner in ABQ and the Cooperage there have completely different versions of a chicken green chili stew, There are many others.  Other restaurants offer pork or beef green chili stew; I had an excellent one in Socorro.  Obviously, there isn't only ONE version of chili stew, green or red, chicken, beef, pork or borrego. Or birria, for that matter.  

    Does any restaurant can or freeze its stews? Another possible item for your sales force! Especially those from the Hatch Valley.

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